The Dominion Center

42053 6th Street West, Lancaster CA 93534



The DC, financially supports Haiti through the LOVE A Child Inc, a Christian missionary outreach by supplying enough fuel to deliver 1038 meals per month to the mal-nutrition and starving people of Haiti.

 The Dominion Center Church is a Community Outreach & Ministry in-Reach program. Its mission is aimed in providing give-a-ways to the community at large. Its Heart is to provide food, clothing and miscellaneous items as they become available through supply or financial funding.

We truly appreciate and want to thank you for being a blessing to the kingdom of God!

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The Dominion Center

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42053 6th Street West
Suite A
Lancaster, CA 93534

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When mailing please add your complete name and address with your contribution so that we may record it for your year-end contribution statement (tax write-off purposes).

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With God’s Love we thank you for being a blessing!

Pastor Royce & Lady Marnisha