The Dominion Center

42053 6th Street West, Lancaster CA 93534


About Us


We are a nondenominational, multi-cultural church, that is a part of the world wide body of Jesus the Christ. We were formed on June 23, 2009 in the state of California, in the Antelope Valley portion of  the Los Angeles County, in the city of (West) Lancaster. The Dominion Center, also affectionately known as “The D.C.” and we are a direct expression of Gods’ Love towards mankind.

The Dominion Center’s Pastor Royce R Butler Jr and First Lady Marnisha Butler obeyed God’s voice with instructions from Him, in that this church ministry is to be a teaching ministry where you will be educated in the word of God. The Lord showed Pastor Royce in a dream that he is to teach the uncompromising word of God plus instruct His people in the truth of His word by bringing clarity through revelation. Pastor Royce has been delivering God’s word since October 2005 accompanied by signs and wonders. 
     The Dominion Center name was given to Pastor Royce by the Spirit of God for the purpose of teaching Gods’ people how to walk in  dominion, power, and authority. Dominion was designed for us since the beginning of mankind and we are now to expose and put the enemy (the devil) to an open shame, in the realization that he has been defeated and rendered powerless, and the body of Christ is the Victor.

The DC is here for you. Come and be loved, educated, empowered, assured, respected, cherished, and lifted up. Experience the manifested presence of the Holy Ghost as he moves (in the service) through the Gifts of His Spirit as He wills.

Everything pertaining to God and his righteousness is at The Dominion Center except you. Your seat can never be filled by anyone else, so join us and fill it. We’ll see you when you decide to walk in dominion with us.