The Dominion Center

42053 6th Street West, Lancaster CA 93534


Welcome to The Dominion Center




The Dominion Center church is a teaching ministry of Pastor Royce and Marnisha Butler Jr. God gave Pastor Royce the vision to develop His church as a teaching ministry with the focus of teaching His children how to walk in dominion, authority, and power exercised through love.

We are a dynamic non-denominational, multi-cultural church, sharing God’s love and emphasizing truth, faith, healing, integrity, family living, and finances. We invite you to just come by this center and witness what you’ve been looking for.

My wife and I would like for you to know that we intercede in prayer to God for you and your loved ones just for visiting our website. We believe that we will see you soon and we’ll worshipping the living God together in one place on one accord. You can make this hope come to pass by visiting us at our next service. Til then Be Blessed!
Sharing God’s Love,

Pastor Royce and Lady Marnisha