The Dominion Center

42053 6th Street West, Lancaster CA 93534


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Service Location:
42053 6th Street West
Lancaster, CA 93534
The Covenant Campaign:
Is in full motion with the focus of establishing 100 covenant members to reach 1000 local families.

The Advertisement Campaign:
Is also running supplying resources for local ads and marketing supplies to help support the efforts of the Covenant Campaign!


IF you are reading this than you are invited to the following events that are listed below. Please come and be a part of these celebrations! We’ll love to have you.

The Pastoral Address for the year 2017 will be held  on January 8, 2017  immediately preceding the morning service which will be a shorter than normal service to allow time for the Pastoral service. 

Pastor Royce is look forward to all who are considering becoming a covenant partner of the ministry, those who are considering visiting the ministry, and it current covenant members. 

Be Blessed and we’ll see you there!